The Quick Wins of Email Validation

The backbone behind any successful email marketing today is verify email. The email address validation software removes the spam traps, fixes the typo errors in the mail addresses and removes the duplicate content. In short, it works as a secret formula for the success for the any email marketing campaign. Due to its simplicity of use and effectiveness, the benefits of the email validation software are abundant and will help you achieve success in any email marketing campaign you plan. Today, with the increase in the user right by the ESP, customers have the liberty to mark each and every email received as spam, irrespective of the fact whether the sender is a long term client of the customer or not. Therefore, it becomes even more important to use list cleaning software and protect the sender’s reputation and maintain a decent spam rate for the marketing campaign.


1. Indicator of Spam Traps

Email verifier today checks the list against an already existing list comprising of potential traps, thereby effectively removing the unwanted email addresses from the mailing list. However, you need to remember that millions of spam traps are present in the online world and achieving 100% success in removing the spam traps is a dream which can never be fulfilled. Therefore, if any list cleaning company boast of a 100% result, you need to be cautious. The list cleaning service can be fast and cheap, but completely removing the spam traps is not possible. Choose the list cleaning service wisely before it is too late.

2. Typo-error fixing

A plethora of times, wrong entry of the customer information in the database leads to hard bounces. And, hard bounces are a nightmare for any email marketing campaign. Missing @ symbol or entering the wrong domain are a few common types of error encountered while entering data. A list cleaning software will easily fix these issues and ensure the typos are removed as far as possible.

3. Decent and clean data

The value of decent and clean data can only be understood by a marketer who has either tasted success or has tasted failure in the email marketing campaign. Just like data, clean list is also a boon to the email marketing efforts.