The Organic Route of Mitigating Deliverability Issues using Email Verification API for Non-Profit Organizations

Out-of-date marketing list incurs an extra burden on the marketing budget even before you get started with the fundraising efforts. According to a study, close to 22.6% of the potential fundraising revenue is lost in spam emails. Spam emails reduce the click-through rate, which reduces the donation even on days like Giving Tuesday. Mitigating deliverability issues is crucial to raise money for a creating a better society. Therefore, follow the organic route of scrubbing the email list using email verification API for reaching the inbox of the readers.

Walk on the below given organic route to encourage online giving and let the customers experience the joy of giving.

The Organic Route of Mitigating Deliverability Issues using Email Verification API for Non-Profit Organizations

1) Focus on subscription management

The prime objective of every email newsletter is to trigger the interest of the customer to click the CTA. Focus on creating tailored messages that inspire and inform the supporters to become donors. Your email communication should primarily focus on opportunities to invite others, update the subscription of the donors and engage them with meticulously. The better you manage the subscription, the better will be the inflow of donations. Furthermore, maintain list hygiene using email verification API to touch base with customers who want to hear from your brand.

2) Engage, Engage and Engage

Once you maintain list validation, you ensure elimination of potential hard-bounces, which otherwise could rupture your marketing efforts. Additionally, segment the donors based on the recency of engagement with your non-profit. From the list, export addresses who neither open the newsletters nor make a donation. You will do your business and the person a favor by removing them from the marketing list. Customer engagement is crucial when it comes to urging the customers to donate to a noble cause. Send touching stories to automatically pique the interest of the customer. The better your email, the more revenue.

3) Update the profile of the subscribers

Customers frequently change their email addresses either due to change in job or want of more storage space. And, a majority of them never update their email address with companies sending promotional messages. Therefore, use apart from list validation focus on regularly updating the email addresses of the customers. Be sure to ask the folks to update their email address every time you send renewals appeal to the readers. 22.5% of your email list decays every year, which makes it crucial to update the profile at least once a year.

4) Send relevant messages

The digital age is the age of oversaturation and sending relevant messages is essential otherwise your competitor will win the trust of a potential lead. Align your communication with the interest level of the readers and avoid sending general and one-size-fits-all type newsletter. After all, you’re asking the customers to donate their hard earned money for a noble cause. Look out for a way to record the interest of the audience and send them more of that.

Inorganic route of improving email deliverability will yield amazing short-term results, but if you’re looking to create a lasting relationship focus on the organic way – email verification API.