The Necessity of Cleaning your Email List

Maintaining a clean marketing list is often overlooked by marketers because they consider it useless. Email list is your foundation to a strong marketing campaign as you connect with the potential target audience. After ensuring a smooth and hurdle free unsubscribe process, focus on list hygiene as it can either make or break your email marketing efforts. One of the most important aspect of a successful campaign is to scrub the list using verify email on a regular basis. When you remove unwanted and inactive readers, you automatically touch base with important readers. Here are a few reasons why cleaning is a necessity.


Inactive users

Sending messages to the inactive users increases your opportunity cost as you can never reap revenue from such readers. If your emails are not being opened by the readers, they are likely to reach the spam folder because your readers consider your messages as waste. However, marketers find it difficult to identify inactive subscribers because the definition of low activity varies from company to company. You can send a confirmation mail to these customers asking whether they want to receive information from your end or not. If still the readers, do not respond, you can remove them from your marketing list. Focus on using email address validation to entice the potential readers.

Quality is essential

The quality of your marketing list directly affects your sender’s reputation as when more customers filter the messages as spam, the sender’s score reduces drastically. And, when sender’s reputation decreases, messages do not reach the inbox of the readers. It definitely takes an effort to keep your email list clean, but it will definitely increase your ROI. Quality is always preferred over quantity, therefore, focus on building a strong list comprising of people who are interested in your marketing campaign.

Manage your bounces

Emails sent to inactive and dormant readers will sooner or later result in bounces. Bounces have a completely negative impact on your reputation and people are more likely to filter your messages as spam. This is because spammers do not clean their marketing list on a regular basis.

Remember to scrub your list using email validation regularly.