Tactics to Build an Email Mailing List

For small business owners, a marketing list is one of the most useful asset as it is the foundation to connect with the potential customers. A strong mailing list will bring in business and take the brand to the next level. However, creating an email list is a challenge in itself because customers today are receiving a plethora of emails and they are sensitive towards any unsolicited email received from an unknown vendor. Developing the mailing list with care and cleaning the list using email address verification will reduce the spam complaints and improve deliverability. Comply with all the legal requirements for creating an authentic mailing list and give due weightage to the subscriber preferences. Here a few tactics to build a mailing list.


Enable customers to sign up

Place a signup form on your website such that customers who visit your website can sign up for the marketing campaign. This is a common acquisition strategy and very easy to implement. Additionally, according to a survey, customers prefer to visit a brand’s website before making a purchase or signing up to receiving information. If the customers are satisfied with your website, they will leave their contact information on the sign up form. Remember to place the form on the top header as it is easily visible to customers who visit the website. Additionally, let the customers know exactly what to expect from your communication as it will not disappoint the customers in the later stages.

Word of mouth publicity

Word of mouth publicity is another great way to build an authentic mailing list as customers who have already availed your services will be pitching about your offerings to their friends and family members. Offer such customer small incentive such as discounts and freebies. Tap the enthusiasm of the existing customers to build an error free marketing list. However, remember to use email verifier on a regular basis to remove the inactive and dormant addresses from the list.  Leverage the effectiveness of word of mouth publicity to entice the prospective customers and ensure long term relationship.