Spam Traps – A Threat to Your Email List

The email watchdogs also known as ISPs use spam traps to track IP addresses, which send emails beyond the email list for which they have permission. The ISPs usually creates these email addresses from the id’s which have been given up the original user. A new email addresses are usually never taken into account as it can lead to suspicion.


What are spam traps?

Spam traps are honeypots used to lure the spammers. With the use of the spam traps an IP address is permanently blocked if found guilty of randomly sending mails to these addresses. As a service provider, you will never get a spam trap email addresses through your opt-in form because such traps cannot opt in to receive any type of email.

Types of spam traps

Not all the types of spam traps cause negativity, spam traps are of two types, namely the pure and the recycled spam traps. Pure spam traps are the notorious ones, which hampers the reputation of a sender. Any email which these addresses receive is by default considered as spam and the ISP takes a strict action against such senders. The recycled spam traps are the ones, which previously have been used by customers, but are dormant accounts now. And, emails received at these addresses is recorded as a hit on the spam trap.

How to minimize the spam traps in an email list?

One of the leading ways these traps find a way into the email list is when the list is purchased. You will never know the age of the email addresses and the list can contain email addresses of dormant or inactive accounts. Therefore, it is extremely essential to clean the list thoroughly. A professional company offering an online list cleaning service will be of great help as the software used will ensure that such addresses are removed from your list.

What are the risks related to the spam traps?

These traps have the potential to force the ISP to block your IP address thereby ruining your reputation. The cost related to unblocking and building the lost reputation is extremely high. The revenue of your company can be halved if appropriate action is not taken.