Some More Reasons Why Your Email is Being Marked as Spam

A customer receives a plethora of emails on a daily basis and many customers mark the email as spam. Spams create a lot of problems for the email marketer as it ruins the whole email marketing campaign. Additionally, spam complaints are a key indicator of the overall health of the email campaign. Maintaining a low spam complaint rate is extremely essential as the deliverability rates will get affected. Therefore, in order to reduce the spam complaints, you need to understand why customers are filtering the email as spam. Email validation will help you achieve the desired success and when the mailing list is regularly cleaned using email address verification, the spam complaints can be reduced to a great extent. Read on ahead to understand different reasons for a customer filtering the email as spam.


Customers are forced to reply to unsubscribe

Putting barriers that prevent the customers from opting out will definitely result in customer filtering the spam. If you ask the customer to send an email to an unknown address with some specific subject line to unsubscribe, you are inviting the customers to filter the newsletter as spam. You need to understand that customers are probably not liking the content of the marketing campaign, and want to leave the campaign and under such a scenario, if you ask the customers to send emails to unsubscribe, the customer will surely follow the easy option of marking the email as spam.  You need to make the unsubscribe option extremely easy for the customers.

Customers are asked to login to unsubscribe

Asking customers to login in order to unsubscribe is a bad option because you are making un-subscription extremely difficult for the customers. Most of the time, the customer will not remember the username and password and no customer will take the pain of finding the password to un-subscribe from the mailing list. The easiest option would be filtering the email as spam. You need to make going away for the customer simple only then you will be able to reduce the number of spam complaints you receive.