Some Best Practices for List Compliance

Email marketing is successful when you build an engaged and compliant marketing list. Unsubscribe and bounce rates tend to lower the sender’s reputation and adversely affect the deliverability rate. Without a strong foundation, reaching the target audience is difficult. List compliance has become an integral part of any email marketing campaign because it helps remove inactive and dormant readers. You can use email verifier to clean and maintain the marketing list on a regular basis. Here are a few best practices of list compliance.


Get permission

When a subscriber signs up for your list, you need to ensure they know they are signing up for receiving email newsletters. Permission can be disputed if the emails are obtained as part of any other transaction like registering for a purchase. Every subscriber, you add, should explicitly provide you with permission to send messages to them. You can use double opt-in as it requires the subscriber to confirm their email address and they willingly agree to join the marketing list. It will ensure that invalid email addresses stay out of your marketing list. Additionally, use email address validation to further clean the list.

Maintain your list

Good maintenance of your email marketing list ensures that subscribers remain interested in your content and marketing efforts. After creating your list, keep working on your list to remove the stale email address and re-engage the inactive readers. Stale email addresses are readers who have become invalid over time as people change their jobs or open new accounts. Send periodic re-engagement campaigns to the readers to confirm their continued interest in your business. As a precaution, include an update profile link to every email campaign for the readers to update their contact information and preferences. Never send reconfirmation email messages to all the customers on your list, instead separate the customers based upon their activity and send reconfirmation messages to customers who are not interested.

List compliance is an essential component of your email marketing campaign and you can use email validation to improve the performance of your list.