Solutions to Email Deliverability Issues

Irrespective of a perfectly designed email marketing campaign, if the email does not reach the inbox of the customer, you are definitely losing out on customers and money. According to a research, 1 in every 5 emails meant for promotional purposes never reached the inbox of the target audience. For a long time, email deliverability has been a number one issue for email marketers. The issue is old, but with new techniques and new thinking, email deliverability rate can definitely be increased. It is time, you tighten your seat belts and work towards creating a spam free email marketing campaign. You can start by using email verifier to increase the deliverability rate and reduce the spam complaints. Here are some solutions, you can implement in 2016.


Feedback loops

A feedback loop will surely help you lower down your complaint rate. Ensure you are signed up for a feedback loop with all the major email service providers. Once you are in the loop, you can understand and respond to complaints made by your readers. It will help you understand where you are lacking in the marketing efforts and you can implement the changes and the feedback received from the next marketing campaign. Work on your email sending frequency, if customers are leaving because you daily send them a message. Look for customer who are unhappy and try to understand the reason behind the same.

Inactive customers

Removing the inactive customers is essential because such customers have probably not even opened the messages for a long period of time. Customers sometime give their secondary email address to restrict the inflow of promotional emails to their primary account. Identify such email addresses and remove them from the mailing list. You can use email address verification to identify the inactive and dormant customers. Additionally, before removing such email addresses completely, try a re-engagement campaign and see if it works. Offer discounts and freebies to such inactive customers. If still you do not receive any response, remove the email addresses permanently from the marketing list.

Email validation is one of the most effective solution to email deliverability issues.