How to Slice your Database for List Segmentation?

According to a research by DMA, more than 77% of email marketing revenue is due to list segmentation and targeted email campaigns. You can slice your email list in tons of creative ways to entice the customers. The rule is simple, the more information you collect, the better you can segment the list. The whole idea behind list segmentation is providing relevant and meaningful content to the target audience. Therefore, cleaning your list using email address verification is essential to eliminate potential issues with the list. Here are a few ways to segment the marketing list.

Past purchases

If a recipient has already made a purchase, send content based on their purchase history and interest. Considering the past purchases make your bottom line bigger because you identify different upsell opportunities. Offer additional services and complementary products to such recipients to increase your brand image. However, before triggering such messages, scrub the list using email list cleaning software to reach the target audience.

Buying frequency

Segmenting your list based on how frequent a customer purchases help you identify loyal customers. You can reward them with a special frequent shopper card, which provides special privileges in terms of discounts and offers. Loyalty programs attract customers and increases your brand value. Also, remember to connect regularly with such customers to avoid any confusion.

Content topic

The interest of the customers will vary and some may be far more interested in a particular type of content than the others. Therefore, it makes sense to segment the list based on topics that interest the target audience. For example, some customers want to know about Facebook marketing while others want to know about snapchat marketing. Share tailor-made content with such recipients for a long-lasting relationship.

Job function

If you’re a B2B marketer, the list comprises of people with different job functions, such as marketers, salespeople, consultants, developers and customer service. Given the different nature and the depth of job functions, it makes sense to segment the list based on the job function.

Focus on cleaning the marketing list using email address verifier.