Should you Love your Email Unsubscribes?

Initially accepting the fact that customers are not liking your email marketing campaign can pinch your efforts and lower down your morale. However, thinking it from another perspective you will understand that it can have a positive side as well, which you are ignoring. As a matter of fact, it only promotes a healthy email marketing list and ensure a successful campaign.

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Here are a few reasons as to why you should feel happy if unwanted customers apart from your email marketing.

 1. Email address verifier is essential

Email address validation is extremely essential as it will help you clean unwanted emails. With the help of email verifier you can easily remove unwanted, inactive and dormant accounts. Such accounts will unnecessarily increase the bounce rate and cause a hell lot of deliverability issues. These matrixes form the backbone for your email reputation and once hampered, it will become really difficult to attract and build a strong reputation. Therefore, if customers are unsubscribing, you should genuinely feel happy otherwise, such customers will cause harm to the whole campaign. Additionally, as a marketer, you should be proactive in removing unwanted customers and do not provide them with a chance to opt-out of the email marketing campaign.

 2. You receive valuable feedback

Feedbacks are a way of learning, improvising and trying different things. And, through a feedback you can understand the minds of the customers, their requirement and later on work accordingly. In this manner, you will never give a genuine customer a chance to opt-out. If a majority of customers feel that the content you provide is irrelevant, then you need to rigorously work on the newsletters and the content side.

3. Carry out an analysis of the results obtained

Use the data to carry out an in-depth analysis and accordingly revamp and give a new look to the campaign altogether. Such analysis will come in handy in the later on as well. Additionally, you can track the preferences of the customer buying habits and accordingly send customized emails to such consumers.

If you have a closer look at the customers who are unsubscribing, you will understand that these are not the active customers. So relax and draft your next marketing campaign.