Result Driven Methods to Grow your Email List

Email marketing remains as the most effective strategy for both small businesses and large enterprises. Whether you own a bookstore or have your own online store, connecting with customers using email marketing is extremely essential. However, today, simply sending the newsletter will not have a lasting impact because customers will not pour in. Newsletters will help you capture the attention of the occasional readers, but will never help in regressive list growth. Additionally, while growing an email list, you need to clean it using verify email. Here are a few ways to grow your email list at an accelerating rate.

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Run contest with social sharing

Offering a chance to win something is a great way to grow the readers. Your company’s product or service is an ideal giveaway as it will help the readers make a choice. Create a contest that asks the readers to signup for the process and share the same either on Facebook or Twitter. Sharing on Facebook and Twitter gives you the required exposure and you acquire customers without incurring any additional loss. Simply putting an offer and an invitation to join the newsletter will not yield the desired results. If you run a contest, create a strategy that pulls the readers to your website. However, scrub the mailing list regularly using email address verification.

Increase the opt-in points

Placing the landing page or the opt-in form only on your website may not attract the desired inflow of the readers. Many companies simply place the offer on the sidebar and wait for the readers to come and join. If you are doing this, your email list will grow at a snail’s pace. You can place the opt-in form in the footer because it is easily visible. You will notice that a high percentage of visitors navigate easily to the footer. Also, place the opt-in form in your blog post to attract readers who visit the website on a regular basis.

Unless you offer something great to the readers, expecting a conversion is out of questions. Use email validation to build a strong email marketing list.