Reducing the Risk of Getting Email Blacklisted

A plethora of email marketers ends up getting blacklisted while trying to reach the target audience. Blacklisting can occur even after you send the messages to people who have given their subscription. This is primarily because you’re ignoring other important factors resulting in possible threat to your email marketing. And, once you come under the blacklisting radar, reaching the inbox of the customers will remain a dream forever. Therefore, clean your mailing list using email verifier to remove inactive and dormant email addresses. Here are a few ways of reducing the potential risk of getting blacklisted.



Confirmed opt-ins

Today, thousands of emails are exchanged every day making it difficult for the readers to select and read one. Considering the stiff competition in the market, you need to focus on sending a confirmation email before adding the customer to the email list. While this may significantly lower down the number of opt-ins, it will ensure that you stay out from the reach of spam traps. Furthermore, it will enhance the ROI of your marketing campaign in the long run. And, if you use email address verifier you can increase the open and click-through rate because you connect with genuine readers.

Real time address verification

When you check-up the email address at the point of signup, you minimize the chances of reaching the blacklist. Many times dues to different reasons, typos and domain related mistakes are present, which causes hard bounces. It negatively affects your reputation and reaching the inbox becomes a daunting task. Therefore, you need to reduce the friction and remove typos and other erroneous email addresses. Also, keep a hawk eye on email addresses such as or because even though a message will deliver, no one will ever read your newsletter. It’s your email list and you need to take care of it.

Removing inactive readers

Keeping unengaged readers on your mailing list adversely affects the open and click-through rate and increases the spam complaint rate. Depending upon your sending frequency, remove recipients who have not interacted with your brand for a very long time.

However, clean the mailing list regularly using email validation.