Reducing the Hard Bounce Rates

For any email marketing campaign, the marketing metrics and statistics are important to understand the success of the marketing efforts. Hard bounce rates are discouraging because it gives an indication that delivery to some of the email address has failed permanently. The messages were not delivered either because of the non-existence of the domain name or unsolicited email addresses. Therefore, hard bounces are dreaded in the industry as it affects the sender’s reputation and reduces the deliverability rate. Achieving a zero percent hard bounce rate is something email marketers always dream. And, overlooking a high bounce rate is the beginning to the end of the entire email marketing campaign. Too many bounces forces the ISPs to flag the message as spam. Therefore, it is essential to reduce the hard bounce rates as soon as possible.


Use Email validation

Believe it or not, email address verification will drastically reduce the hard bounce rates as every email address is validated for authenticity. It will also help you prevent inaccurate information from entering in the email database. Verify email will clean the mailing list and ensure hard bounces are reduced to zero. Once the bounce rate decreases, the deliverability rate will increase and you can send information to the prospects. The chances of an email being flagged as spam or reaching the junk folder will reduce. You will also witness a surge in the sender’s reputation, which will be beneficial for the business in the long run. Therefore, clean the mailing list on a regular basis to minimize the instances of hard bounce.

Focus on customer acquisition strategy

Unsolicited email addresses make way into the mailing list because of illegitimate methods of acquiring customers such as rented or purchased mailing list. If you are collecting email addresses by such methods, you need to immediately change the acquisition method and focus on techniques which will help you build a genuine mailing list. Once the strategy of customer acquisition is revised, you will have a low number of bounce rates.

Focus on acquiring customers through industry proven methods if you really want to reduce the high bounce rates.