Reducing Spam Complaints

Time and again we have talked about the effect of spam complaints about the email marketing campaign. In email marketing, the little button on the email labelled as ‘report spam’ can mean the death of the email marketing campaign. A couple of notorious recipients will deteriorate the deliverability and decrease the sender’s reputation to a great extent. It is important to get rid of those irritating customers and protect the sender’s score. You can use email verifier to effectively remove such recipients from the mailing list. Whenever an email is marked as spam the report is forwarded to the ISP and ESP. The sender’s reputation is calculated based on the number of spam complaints. A high spam complaint will degrade the marketing campaign beyond repair. Here are few ways to reduce spam complaints.


Segment the subscribers

Segmenting the customers based on their interest will surely help you attract customers. If the customers receive relevant information from the sender, they will surely never filter the messages as spam. Additionally, the email marketing statistics will improve and the marketing campaign will flourish. You need to understand that customers always want to read the fresh piece of content, which can captivate the attention of the customers. Therefore, segment the customer and based upon their interest to see your email marketing flourish in the future. Additionally, segmenting the list will help the process of email address verification.

Set expectation

When the customers sign up for the process, you can tell the customers about the frequency of emails you will trigger and give them a snapshot of the type of content. However, remember to live up to your promise and never deceive the customers as it will lead to a deteriorating relationship. Set the correct expectation for the customers and ensure you live up to it forever. Fooling the customers will lead your marketing campaign to nowhere.

Unsubscribe link

A majority of the customers filters the message as spam because they are unable to locate the un-subscribe link in the email. Therefore, ensure that a live link is always placed for the customers to go away from the marketing campaign easily.