Myths of Email Deliverability

As the use of email for attracting readers is increasing with each passing day, so are the myths surrounding email deliverability. Today, marketers are paying a special attention to email deliverability rates, because the success of the marketing campaign is dependent upon the messages a customer see in their inbox. But, does deliverability essentially means inbox placement? Or Are these two terms completely different, yet 90% of the marketers get it wrong? Do you send email messages at 7.00 am on a Thursday because someone told you it is the best time of sending messages? The sources of a myth are unknown, yet it affects the marketers to a large extent. Read ahead to know some of the myths surrounding email deliverability and how email address verification will help you reach your marketing goal.



You can relax if you have a high sender’s score

A high sender’s score is an indication that how likely your subscribers will consider your message as spam. The score is more like credit score, wherein you become eligible for a loan at low interest rate, but you still have to undergo the different formalities before receiving the loan amount. As a sender, the sender’s score means that the ISP will give your email less scan your email messages, but the messages will have to pass some other filters to reach the inbox of the reader. Focus on delivering value and building long term relationship, high sender’s score will automatically follow.

Spam traps are never opened

Cleaning the mailing list using email verifier is probably the right way to deal with spam traps, which tends to lower the email reputation. But, removing the spam traps based on their open and click activity is not a wise decision because many times the spam trap network operators open an email to check whether the sender is a spammer or not. Therefore, it is best to analyze the engagement level of a particular customer before removing the email address permanently.

Email validation will help you overcome the deliverability barriers, you need to focus on staying away from any myth related to email deliverability.