Mistakes That Will Destroy the Marketing Efforts

You invest a lot of precious time and efforts, when you decide to use email marketing as a marketing strategy to communicate with the potential customers. You will incur the expense of creating a newsletter, designing the graphics and acquiring a customer through a legitimate way. When you are making an investment, you will be expecting a high ROI and if you want this to become a reality, you need to avoid the following mistakes during the email marketing campaign.


No Personalization

Believe it or not, personalization plays an important role in deciding the fate of an email marketing campaign. A personalized message leaves a lasting impression and leaves a favorable memory in the minds of the readers. Generic messages are often discarded by the customers because they don’t remember agreeing to receiving messages from your organization. But, if the communication is addressed to a particular reader, it will pique interest because you have some details of the customer meaning that the customer willingly agreed to receiving communication from your end.

Sending to a wrong mailing list

Mailing list is one of the biggest tools in deciding the fate of the marketing campaign. Whether you rent a mailing list from a reputable source or create your own mailing database, you need to ensure that the messages reaches the inbox of the intended target audience. Therefore, it is essential to use email verifier to remove the inactive and dormant addresses from the mailing list. Sending messages to a wrong mailing list is dangerous as it leads to spam complaints, which reduces the sender’s reputation and lowers the deliverability. If the mailing list is scrubbed using email address validation, the chances of spam complaints will be extremely less. Furthermore, you can segment the mailing list into different criteria to ensure the right customers receive the right messages. Focus on building an authentic mailing list based on the interest of the customers.

Rely on the experience of the professionals when drafting the messages as it will help you connect with the customers and build a long term relationship.