Methods of Email List Hygiene

A healthy and clean mailing list is the backbone of a business. On an average you lose one third of the customers early because of un-subscription, email address change and spam filtering. Your business will get impacted if the inactive and dormant addresses are not replaced by the new ones. Therefore, maintaining the list hygiene is extremely important as it will ensure a connection with the right customers and drastically reduce the spam rates. As an email marketer, you can follow these list hygiene method to increase the profits.


Organize and manage the mailing list

Mailing list free of inactive and dormant customers should be organized and managed properly because you need to keep the right customers engaged. Send an email to such a list at least once a month to ensure your business is not wiped away from the mind of a customer. Additionally, rely on verify email to eliminate the hard bounces even before the marketing campaign commences. Email address verification will scrub the mailing list and produce a cleaner version. Use email validation on a regular basis to remove the non-working part of the mailing list. Remember, your list is the reflection of your marketing efforts.

Win back the inactive customers

Before permanently removing the customer from the database, try to engage the customer for one last time. You can learn the reason for a customer going away by sending ‘we miss you’ messages. The leading way to win back the inactive customers is offering discounts, which can lead to purchase. If the purchase does not happen, ask the customer whether they wish to receive the messages or not. Give the customers a one click survey to fill regarding the reason for leaving the campaign. The feedback will definitely help you regain and engage the existing customers. Try to win back the trust of the customer before removing their details from the database.

Another method of list hygiene is acquiring new customers through web pages, landing pages, blogs, point-of-sale and social media. List hygiene is not only about cleaning the mailing list, it is about maintaining the list.