Maintaining a Healthy Email List

Today email service providers are spending countless hours in creating knowledge base articles, tutorials and seminars to spread the information about email best practices to the email marketers across the world. Following the CAN-SPAM laws and email best practices have become extremely essential. The ISPs have created stringent guidelines and the penalization for not following the rules and the regulation is hefty.

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What all should be considered?

Whenever any email marketing campaign falls out of compliance or is not within the set standards set by the ISP, the email marketer is prohibited from sending emails to the customer until the mailing list is validated using email address verification. ESPs usually provide assistance in removing the bad addresses, but using verify email will help you remove the hard bounces as well. Additionally, once the list is cleaned using email validation, the need of using the service again will arise later on. You can send the reactivation campaign to the inactive users and regularly inspect such customers. Removing customers from the mailing list is a simple task, the major problem is engaging the old customers.  You can use the self-clean process and easily remove the customers who are not generating revenue or sales for the company.

How to ensure lists always stay in compliance?

The email marketing is dynamic and the status of a deliverable address can change at any point of time making it go stale within a few months. According to reports, the churn rate of email marketing campaign is more than 30% year every year and maintaining a healthy mailing list is a mountainous task. Segmenting the list based on the customer’s interest, demographics and purchase history will help you connect with the customers in an effective way. You will be able to send relevant messages to everyone subscribed to the mailing list. Additionally, reviewing the spam results and the bounce list will help you further strengthen the customer base as you will able to remove customers who are not interested in the marketing campaign.

Email Validation will surely help you maintain a healthy mailing list.