List Cleaning Simplified

Email address validation or list cleaning is critically important to reach out to the target audience and attract more potential customers to the marketing campaign. A list comprising of emails which are outdated or invalid will leave a negative impression and mark your address as spam. And, once the address comes under the scrutiny of the ISP, removing this tag will become extremely difficult.  You will also be missing out on potential customers if the newsletters are triggered to invalid addresses.


Here are few ways to boost and clean the marketing list effectively.

1. Remove the addresses that bounce

Invalid addresses are the ones that go undeliverable and never reach the intended audience. This can be due to two reasons, first being that the customer has permanently blocked your email id and the second reason may be due to technical difficulties or the email would have been set for the vacation. Due to these reasons removing such customers is extremely important. Additionally, you can use email verifier to reduce the bounce rate.

2. Cross-verify the feedback loop

When the customers unsubscribes, they will give the reason for leaving the newsletter, you can conduct in-depth analysis to understand the major reason for customers departing. The feedback loop will help you change and make adjustments to the campaign, which will be effective in the long run. You can consider mailing the customers for a second chance as long as you do not spam the inbox of the clients.

3. Implement double opt-in

Once a customer signs up for the campaign, you can send a confirmation mail to the customer asking whether they really want to be a part of the campaign and receive newsletters. This way your interaction and activity with the customers will increase significantly and you can ensure that customers who stay on the list are actually people who are interested. You can even use email address verifier to crosscheck the addresses who have opted for the email marketing campaign.

Remember: List cleaning should never be kept under the rug because daily new customers would be joining and old customers would be departing.