Leveraging Email Engagement using Email Validation

Email marketing is definitely growing and with each passing day the reach of email marketing only increases and it is the best way to reach out to the targeted audience. With email validation, increasing email engagement is extremely easy. Once email starts delivering in the inbox of the targeted audience, there will be no looking back as you will be delivering successful campaign. Verify email and email address verification are two leading ways to effectively carry out a marketing campaign.


Here are few ways to leverage the effectiveness of email validation.

1. Making a killer impression

In email marketing first impression is the last impression. And, once you are able to make a killer impression, you can attract and entice as many customers as possible. Additionally, with real time email enhancement, you can change content to new leads. According to a research 68% of email users that are on the email list for less than 4 months have zero probability of opening the newsletters. This is where the loophole occurs and you want to create a killer impression to attract new customers.

2. Customize the user experience

Personalization has been the number one tool for email marketing and once email starts delivering, the customer’s experience will be enhanced. If you are sending only personalized emails to the customers, the chances of email opening rate and click through rate will increase many folds. The more your email speaks the more you will be able to connect to the customers at a personal level. Today email address verification is high on use because of its effectiveness and usage. The customer experience can be increased and the ISP can be kept happy. The ISP will never mark your email address as spam if you diligently clean the email list regularly.

3. Segmentation will increase the user base

It will never make sense to send messages to the entire email list that you have in the database because content of one newsletter may not be the requirement of the other. Therefore, it is advisable to segment the user base to ensure that customers receive content in which they are interested.