How to Introduce your Email List through Facebook Ads?

Today, there is no better marketing tool than email to engage and reach customers. Since its inception, email is helping marketers increase their ROI because customer trust email more than any other marketing platform. However, creating an effective email list is a nightmare for marketers because of the tough competition in the market. You need to clean the list regularly using email address verifier to keep in touch with customers who want to hear from your brand. If you want to exponentially grow your email list, you need to take the help of the Facebook Ads.

Promoting your list in a protected content

Your customer needs to leave their email address, if they wish to access the protected content. You will need a landing page for such a content. It’s definitely a great way to connect with the readers and build a long-term relationship with them. However, the content you offers should be informative, awesome and captivating, otherwise the readers will report your email the next time it lands in their inbox. Through Facebook, using ad campaigns, you can easily promote the content and build a strong email list. However, remember to scrub the list using verify email to reduce the spam complaint rate.

Introducing your email list directly with an offer

Encourage your readers to subscribe through Facebook to avail a discount of 10% or 15% on their first purchase. Target people who are likely to resonate with the products and services you offer. Direct introduction on Facebook through an offer works best for startups looking to acquire customers and build an online rapport. Offer a mixture of discounts, freebies and promos to lure as many customers as possible. Encourage the readers to like your Facebook page and offers as it will create awareness among your friend circle as well.

Using a pop-up message

When pop-up messages occur too frequently it results in annoying and irritating the customers.  You need to create a pop-up message that attracts the attention of the reader at the best possible time. Pop-ups are widely used to promote an email list on a blog that you can easily promote using Facebook Ads.

Furthermore, clean the marketing list using email verifier to connect with the target audience.