Increasing Open Rates with Email Validation

Today, blogs are highly beneficial for marketers because it converts the traffic received into email subscribers. According to a survey the conversion rate of email is almost 40 times higher than Twitter and Facebook, making it the first choice for marketers. However, with umpteen number of brands, getting noticed in the inbox is a tough task because of which open rates are reduced and the whole marketing campaign goes for a toss. It has become evident that in order to succeed as an online business, you need to start building your email marketing list and clean it regularly using email address verification. Here are a few ways of increasing the open rates and reaching the hearts of your target audience.



Send regular emails

Most business owners out of fear do not email their subscribers on a regular basis. The fear of un-subscribe dominates, but if you send one message every month, the customer is less likely to remember you in the following month. Send welcome messages as soon as a customer signs up and send regular messages for five to seven days to increase engagement. To eliminate your fear of losing a customer clean the mailing list using verify email and ensure that only genuine and interested customers are a part of your marketing efforts. Regular emails over a period of time will definitely boost your open rate.

Use double opt-in

One of the simplest ways to increase your open rate is using a double opt-in method. According to a survey, marketers using double opt-in method witnesses an increase in the unique open rate by 72%. If you are avoiding a double opt-in you need to give your email list a good clean using email validation to remove notorious email addresses. Search for readers who have not performed a single activity in the past month and transfer them to an inactive email list. You can later on try to reengage such subscribers.

Building the marketing list is only half the battle, customers need to open and read your messages, otherwise they will just slip through your fingers.