Improving Your Email Deliverability Rate

One in every six emails fails to reach the inbox because of varied reasons. For marketers, landing in the inbox of the customer is the most tedious task and high return on investment is impossible without the messages reaching the target audience. Building an authentic mailing list is an important solution to curb the dormant and inactive email addresses, but you need to use email address verification to clean the mailing on a regular basis. Here are a few ways of improving email deliverability rate and ensuring a successful marketing campaign.


Consistency is the key

Marketers who send a high volume of email messages are always red flagged by the ISPs because customers do not prefer getting bombarded with email messages every now and then. Sending seven messages in one week and then not sending any message in the upcoming week is a waste because inconsistent volume will face the wrath of the ISPs. Marketers need to plan well ahead before organizing any event that might cause fluctuation in the number of messages you usually trigger to the audience. Additionally, after a subscriber agrees to receive information from your end, tell them the frequency of email messages and the type of content they can expect to receive in future. Sharing such vital information with the readers avoids the probability of getting flagged as spam by the readers.

Reputation holds the key

If a large number of your email messages are being filtered as spam by the readers, then you need to take a closer look at your sender’s reputation. Sender’s reputation to a great extent decides the email deliverability rate. Keeping the complaint rates less than 1% is essential to get accepted by the ISPs. Even if one of your message lands in the spam trap, your email reputation will get degraded at all cost. Focus on maintaining a high sender’s reputation, if you want to enhance the deliverability rates. Additionally, use email validation to increase your reputation and reach the inbox of the readers.

Email verifier will help you maintain a high deliverability rate, you only need to focus sending quality messages to the readers.