Improving the Health of your Email List

Email hygiene has nothing to do with soap and water. A good email list hygiene is essential to practice effective email marketing campaign and helps in reaching the target audience. Email hygiene refers to the act of removing invalid and non-responsive email addresses from the marketing list. Cleaning the list regularly using email address validation on a regular basis is essential, but whatever time frame you choose, be sure to clean it always on time. Email marketers need to identify inactive subscribers as it leads to bounce rate, which affects deliverability. Here are a few ways to improve the health of your email list.

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Wake the dead

If your email list comprises of inactive emails, you need to re-engage inactive subscribers through a re-engagement or wake the dead campaign. Focus on re-engaging the subscribers before dumping them to your email list. Send a reactivation campaign to the group of inactive readers. However, use a different subject line for each group, Send 2-3 pieces of content to pique the interest of the target readers. If still, the readers don’t respond to your messages, consider removing them from the email list permanently. According to a research, unique open rates increased by more than 58% when messages were sent to inactive subscribers. However, remember to use email validation on a regular basis to remove incorrect domain addresses.

Send the right content

Sending right content to the right subscribers will definitely result in engagement. Additionally, right subject lines mean that when your messages reach the inbox of the target readers, the chances of opening your email is high. Additionally, use clear and compelling CTA’s to keep the people engaged and ensure high click through rate. You can even run a survey to understand the requirements of the target readers. Great content is not rocket science and it doesn’t mean that you have to use impressive words. It’s more about adding value to the readers.

Keeping your email clean isn’t a hard thing, but you need to take steps in the right direction. Focus on using email verifier on a regular basis to improve your email marketing performance.