Improving Email Deliverability Rates is Easy

There is no doubt in the fact that if customers are not receiving your newsletter they are not going to read the messages and buy your products or services. Therefore, email deliverability plays a major role in improving the ROI and increasing the customer base.



Here are few ways through which you can improve and increase the email deliverability rates effectively.

1. Ensure the list has a double opt-in

With the ISP and the email sending norms getting stringent over a course of period, it is always better to have a double opt-in for all the customers. This way only genuinely interested customers would be added in the list. It is basically a double security check to ensure a long term relationship.

2. Email address validation

Validating the addresses in the list is one step further in enhancing the email deliverability rates. Email verifier can be used to achieve and remove dormant or invalid addresses. Such email addresses, alerts the ISP who can deteriorate your deliverability and reliability score to a great extent. Once you are blacklisted by the ISP, it takes a great deal of effort and time to regain the same momentum with a high success rate.

3. Keep an eye on the feedback loops

Customers can often complain regarding the amount of promotional content they receive from your end, even though you send relevant content. This happens because of increased frequency of the newsletters or the promotional emails. Therefore, it is best to contact the ISP and keep a track of such complaints. An increasing number of complaints should ring an alarming bell and you should immediately try to change the marketing campaign.

4. Ask the subscribers the reason for opting out

Bidding goodbye to a potential customer is never easy. And, if you want to learn from your mistakes and ensure all email marketing campaigns achieve high deliverability rates, then ask the customers the reason for opting out. If you see a trend in the reasons a customers are giving, you can take the required action and improve the deliverability rates.