How to Improve your Email Reputation?

Since a long time, email marketing is considered as a hard tool because customers are reluctant to share their email addresses. If you’re planning to bombard the inbox of the customer every 5 minutes, you need to change your marketing tactics and encourage sign-ups. When the sign-up increases and customers love your content, your email reputation increases. Email reputation depends upon how your email service provider view your emails and it decides whether the email lands in the spam folder or the inbox. In order to increase the spam rate, you need to clean the marketing list using email address verification. Here are a few ways to improve your email reputation.

Spam complaint

When your recipients filter the messages as spam because they have not given you permission to send messages, you lose the valuable reputation. To reduce this fatal error, focus on sending messages only to customers who have given you permission to send messages. Furthermore, always include an unsubscribe link in every email for the customers to leave the newsletter at point of time. High spam complaint rate drastically reduces the email reputation which hinders the growth of your email marketing campaign. Therefore, focus on cleaning the email list using email list cleaning software.

Bounce rate

When emails are returned it activates the spam bots, which indirectly reduces your power to interact with the customers. A high bounce rate signifies that you’re sending messages to incorrect or invalid email addresses. Hard bounces are worst because it indicates that the delivery has permanently failed to an email address. Therefore, to avoid high bounce rate, focus on using double opt-in subscription form to confirm the subscription of the reader. Always remember that higher the bounce rate, lower will be your email reputation.

Open rate

When recipients are not interacting with your content, it means that your content is irrelevant. You can improve your open rate by having a great subject line and making it clear why you are sending the newsletter.

Focus on building frequent and relevant communication with the customers by cleaning the email list using email validation to improve the email reputation.