How to Reduce the Opt-outs from your Email List

More than one-third of the customers opt out of the marketing list because they are unhappy with the marketing efforts and the promotional items dominate their inbox. As a marketer, making all the customers happy is a difficult task because even if you are somehow able to control the frequency rate of the email, customers will still unsubscribe from the mailing list. Reducing the opt-outs will give you wings to the marketing efforts and you can easily change the perception of the customer. Email address verification will help you achieve the marketing goals and effectively reduce the number of opt-outs from the email list.


Preference Centre

Customers get irked with the frequency and the type of email message they receive from a brand. You can provide a preference center to the customers wherein they can select the frequency and the type of messages they want to receive from your brand. Once, the customers receive messages according to their preference, the chances of a customer leaving the marketing campaign will become low. It is an extremely smart way to understand the requirement of the customer and ensure that the customers do not filter the messages as spam.

One-click Unsubscribe

A customer will prefer filtering the message as spam than going through a tedious process of opting out of the mailing list. Save the time of your customers and let them opt-out without answering too many questions. Become a real business and try not to hold the customers against their wish. Additionally, avoid sending lengthy feedback forms as it is too old fashioned. Send short and crisp feedback forms as customers will answer the questions without getting irritated by the number of questions asked. Send creative goodbye messages to the customers. Remember to send unsubscribe confirmation emails to the readers.

Cleaning the mailing list

A mailing list full of prospects who were never interested in the marketing campaign will only attract opt-outs. Therefore, clean the mailing list regularly using verify email and remove such people.

Email validation will definitely help you reduce the opt-out rate.