How to Reduce Email Unsubscribe

A well-crafted email strategy is completely unsurpassable in terms of ROI and open rates. Companies are finding it extremely difficult to engage the target audience to build reputation and ensure a long term relationship. Finding ways to reduce the unsubscribe rate is essential to stay afloat in the email marketing business. Large number of customer complaints can result in getting blacklisted by the ISPs, which is a big blow to any brand. Using email verifier to clean the mailing list on a regular basis will ensure you are in touch with readers who are genuinely interested in your marketing efforts. Here are a few more ways to reduce email unsubscribe rate.


Sending few emails Vs Sending more emails

Email frequency definitely affects the unsubscribe rate and influences the success of the marketing campaign. Implications of the engagement level can be difficult if a frequency test cannot be performed. Some customers, love receiving email messages frequently because they are avid readers, other get irritated if you continuously bombard their inbox with unsolicited messages every now and then. Based on the response you receive from the test campaign decide the frequency of the messages you intend to send to the target audience.

Receive feedback from people who unsubscribe

One of the most common practice is providing the readers with a set of reasons for unsubscribe and necessitate that one reason is chosen to complete the unsubscribe process. Additionally, you can provide a dialogue box for the customers to punch in their reviews explicitly. Open text fields will give the readers a chance to openly tell their reviews and you can understand their grievances easily. Feedbacks are a great way to learn and improve the marketing campaign.

Focus on using email validation

Cleaning the marketing list is an essential component in curbing the unsubscribe rate because over a period of time, the email list becomes stale and comprises of inactive and dormant email addresses. Email address verification can help you remove these email addresses and reduce the complaint rate and unsubscribe rate as you will send messages to readers who are interested in receiving information from your company.