How to Protect your Sender’s Reputation in the Holiday Season

Offers, discounts and promotional emails are three words which perfectly define a typical holiday season. When everyone is in the festive mood, there is a surge in the emails and the newsletters sent to the customers. Moreover, this surge increases the total number of transactions that occur due to the increased email marketing. However, high volume of messages means that a plethora of customers is going to become inactive. And, with pressure to outperform in the holiday season, a number of marketers choose to increase their database, in order to reach out to a large audience. This is where the whole problem starts.


What should be considered?

As a marketer, you need to understand that different ISPs have different ways to calculate the sender’s reputation. Your focus should be on the factors which is of top priority for the ISPs. Some top factors are spam trap hits, blacklists, complaint and the volume of email sent.

Avoiding Spam trap list: Email Verification and Email Validation will help you reduce the spam traps as all the email addresses to which the newsletter is sent, is verified and is active.

Avoiding Complaints: Send your emails to customer who are genuinely interested in your offerings. Simply sending newsletters to people who have not subscribed will lead to a high complaint rate.

Avoiding Blacklisting: Do not include a lot of images or attachments otherwise the email is bound to go to the spam folder. Another way to avoid blacklisting is through email address verification and email address validation. Always include the un-subscribe button in any email. It will further reduce your worries during the festive or holiday season.

Avoiding problems due to volume sent: Sending mails during the holiday season is natural, to avoid any issues, it is always advised to send mails in intervals rather than bombarding the user with promotional emails.

What extra effort is needed?

You need to put in a lot of extra effort to ensure that the email marketing campaign runs successfully. Prior to the holiday season, all your data management methods should be refreshed, the opt-out request should be reviewed to find out recurring reasons and inactive customers should be removed by using an email verifier.