How to Not to Ruin Your Email List?

You may have slogged day in and night out to create a ‘WOW’ email marketing campaign, but what if your mails are not getting through? One in every six email messages fail to land in the appropriate place – the inbox. As a marketer, all your efforts are drained because the recipient received the message in the spam folder, which of course is not read by anyone. If you don’t want your email messages to land in the black hole, it’s the right time to take appropriate action with the email list. Your marketing list can either give you umpteen power or can make you powerless, the choice is yours. If you are planning not to ruin your email list, start by using email address verification.



Reduce email frequency

One of the fastest ways of running any email list is by sending a lot of emails. Recipients simply hate receiving too many messages in a day and if the email frequency is not adjusted many people will either opt out or declare you as a potential spammer. In both cases, your reputation as a sender reduces, which affects the deliverability of the marketing campaign. Keep sending emails and you will surely be blacklisted by the email service providers in no time. Focus on sending useful and meaningful content once in a while to keep the readers engaged.

Clean the mailing list

Most marketers overlook the fact of cleaning the mailing list using email verifier because email addresses can never go stale. But, in reality, any email list becomes useless after a year if not maintained properly. If you continuously hit the hard bounces, you will come on the radar of the ISPs who keep a track of your hard bounces and spam complaints. Remember to clean the list before every marketing campaign to avoid any negative repercussion in the future.

Email is the heart of any email marketing campaign, focus on maintaining the email list using email validation. With a cleaned list, you are sure to reach both the hearts and inbox of your target audience.