How to Lower the Risk of Annoying the Customers

An inbox is an extremely funny place. You can send 50 messages that will land directly in the inbox, but one miss time message can easily ruin all your efforts and start a string of never ending bad luck. And, once you land in the blacklist of an ISP, the probability of reaching the inbox of the customer becomes less as your messages are not relevant to the target audience. Cleaning the mailing list using email address verification will help you lower the risk of annoying the readers as messages will be delivered based upon the preferences of the readers. Sender’s having low complaint rates and who rarely hit the spam traps are rarely on the blacklist of the ISP. Here a few ways to entice and engage the readers.



Never get labelled as SPAM

Complaint rate of less than 1% is acceptable by the ISPs and every brand should target to maintain the rate as low as possible. Sending messages to a single spam trap and honey pot will automatically degrade your online reputation and cause deliverability issues. Sending messages to a spam trap means that you are promoting email address harvesting, which is an illegal activity in email marketing. It directly points to your list maintenance process because when email validation is used to clean the mailing list, spam traps and honey pots are permanently removed. Nothing can be worse than getting labelled as spam.

Send messages consistently

High volume senders are always red flagged both by the ISP and customers because huge volumes never deliver quality content. Additionally, sending too many messages inconsistently will only annoy the readers to no extent because they do not know what to expect from your marketing statistics. Consistent volume based upon the preferences of the readers or subscribers is the key consideration for the ISPs.

Focus on your bounce rates as the engagement rate is reduced when the bounce rate is high. Use verify email to clean the mailing list and create a loyal customer base.