How to Increase the Email Deliverability using Email Verifier?

So, what’s the secret ingredient to enhance the deliverability of your marketing campaign? Beyond any technical trend, the truth lies in the fact that recipients read those emails, which appeal to them. Relying on this fact will not win the battle because if Google’s algorithm detects anything suspicious in the message, the email will land in the spam folder. Google along with other ESPs have a responsibility of providing a seamless customer experience and keep the customers away from malicious and notorious email messages. Beyond email deliverability, the crucial step is to make the readers open the emails. Therefore, focus on cleaning the marketing list using email verifier to engage people who want to hear from your brand.

How to Increase the Email Deliverability using Email Verifier?

1) Get a concise copy

Are you sending emails without checking their spelling and grammar? If you are following this practice, you need to come out of your dreams. Why would a customer click the CTA, when the email message doesn’t sense? An email message full of grammatical errors is likely to do more damage than good. Therefore, use a software to eliminate the potential errors and improve your writing style. Focus on making the prose crisp, concise and short to catch the eyes of the readers.

2) Get another perspective

Another great way to improve your email copy is getting another perspective. Take the viewpoint of either your colleague or manager to know what can be improved. Furthermore, writing and editing the work on a continuous basis will jam your mind and creativity will cease to flow. Therefore, take a break from writing and improve your email deliverability. Also, ensure that your team is focusing on list cleaning using email verifier to reach the inbox of the readers.

3) Use spectacular pictures

Low-resolution images are a big turn off for the customers because most of them end-up unsubscribing from the email list. Also, according to research, customers interact with HTML emails more than the plain text emails. Feel free to include spectacular images in the email to win the hearts of the readers. Remember to use copyright free images to avoid copyright infringement. Use an image that is relevant to the text to increase the email engagement level.

4) Clean the email list

Its as simple as that, customers cannot engage with your campaign if you’re sending messages to invalid email addresses. Scrubbing the list using email verifier will not only help you prevent an email bounce but will help you maintain a positive sender’s reputation. That way you will not face issues with people who legitimately want to hear from your brand.

Today, everyone is working hard to make their home a better place to live in. Similarly, make the inbox a better place for the customer to visit. Way back in early 2000, list cleaning was a novelty. Validating email addresses has become a chore. Make the experience of the customer a little more engaging and see the email deliverability touch the sky.

Focus on enhancing the inbox experience of the recipients to increase the reach of your marketing campaign.