How to Improve Email Engagement?

The growing volume of emails has become a matter of concern for marketers because subscribers are becoming more selective and have to create a great marketing experience for delivering quality results. When companies don’t focus on the expectations of the customers, it results in a failed marketing campaign with low delivery and open rates. You need to focus on delivering value if you want to reach the hearts of your customers. But, before that build an authentic email list because without proper email addresses you can never connect to the target readers. Remember to clean the marketing list using email address verification to ensure high open and deliverability rates. Here are a few ways to improve email engagement.


Clean your data

Maintaining a clean database is essential to avoid spam filters and invalid accounts. Invalid accounts are those accounts with incorrectly spelled email addresses and comprises of customers with closed accounts. You need to protect the integrity of your marketing list to increase visibility in the inbox of the reader. Therefore, maintain the list using email verifier and remove the invalid accounts permanently. According to a study, best in class email marketers clean their mailing list on a monthly basis.

Create a schedule

Create a schedule of themed emails so that your subscribers get in the habit of receiving email content. You can consider sending monthly or semi-monthly newsletters with valuable insights to the readers. Sending messages on a regular basis ensures the readers are engaged and your email messages are read. A strategically planned email schedule is essential as welcome email messages and different survey campaigns achieve a 50% higher open rate than the promotional messages. Additionally, it will help build an effective email list because customers would share the valuable information with their friends and family members.

Create a secondary domain

Multiple sending domains increase the chances of reaching the inbox because of email segmentation. Marketers can use the multiple sending domains to send messages to different subscribers and use one domain for a particular type of email campaign. With domain separation, you can maintain a consistent deliverability rate.

Email validation will definitely help you increase the email engagement rate.