How to Improve Click Through Rate?

One of the key indicators of an email marketing campaign is a click through rate. It determines the number of users who have clicked on the links provided in the newsletter or the email. CTR directly impacts the email deliverability and is crucial to the marketing campaign. A low CTR is a clear indication that the emails is not even reaching the inbox of the intended target audience irrespective of whether the newsletter is fancy or dull. The rate is calculated by dividing the number of clicks on the links by the total number of emails delivered to the inbox of the customers. Therefore, improving the CTR is extremely essential as it will help you achieve success in email marketing.

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1. Email Validation

One of the major reasons of the CTR being low is that it reaches to an audience who are least interested in the campaign. When a customer has not subscribed to the newsletter the chances of opening or clicking the link provided within in minimal. The CTR will automatically reduce and the marketing campaign will go for a toss. Therefore, regularly using verify email and email address verification will help maintain a stable rate throughout the campaign. You are going to get rid of the unwanted and uninterested customers. It will indirectly help in elevating the deliverability rates, which is again an essential component of any email campaign.

2. A clear call to action

A CTA is the primary way through which a customer interacts and engages with the marketing campaign. A clear call to action will be based on your goals and the intended target audience. Always remember to position the CTA in a way it is clearly visible to everyone. It should not be hidden in some corner of the email because customers rarely take pains to find a CTA. To set it apart from the email, use different colors such that it catches the attention of the customers.

3. Segmentation

Segmentation in email marketing is the mother of everything. To increase the CTR, segment the mailing list and send out personalized messages to the customers.