How to Grow Your Email List without Annoying the Customers

Today, everyone is obsessed with growing a marketing list because of the fantastic return on investment. But, the online world has become more like a battlefield crowded with signup forms pop-ups and welcome mats. Many readers get irritated with the content or the pop-up forms and end up leaving the email marketing list. Focus on building an email list without annoying the customers. However, remember to scrub the list using email address verification on a regular basis to remove the inactive and dormant readers. Here are a few ways to build your marketing list.


Create content upgrade

Content upgrades are the least annoying and a thoughtful way of attracting the readers. It results in the highest conversion rates and helps in engaging the readers. Content upgrades are packed information, which is released in pieces to the readers, after they have shared their email address. Readers have already invested in one part of the blog, so they are more likely to give their email address to read the other part of the blog as well. Focus on creating irresistible content upgrade by offering valuable and relevant free gifts when a customer agrees to subscribe.

Provide a reason to forward your messages

Undoubtedly, your email subscribers are your biggest fan and they can actually help you grow the mailing list. Subscribers are more likely to share messages with their friend and family members, if you attach an incentive to it. A personal email from a friend witnesses a higher conversion rate because of trust. Unless you provide a reason to forward, the readers will never share your messages. Create a dynamic and substantive material relating to your business. However, remember to cross-verify the email addresses using email verifier to reduce the spam complaints.

Always give more to the readers

Most brands trying to sell on the internet irk the customer by continuously asking them to purchase. Therefore, it you give instead of asking, your readers are more likely to subscribe and join your newsletter.

Email validation will certainly help you build a strong marketing list.