How to Grow your Email List Using Instagram?

Today, growing your online presence with Instagram is not only about gaining followers, instead it’s the leading way to build relationship with the customers. You can easily take the conversation with the followers to their inbox. Even though customers love to spend time on Instagram, business prefer email as a mode of communication because it directly reaches the target audience. Focus on capturing the email address of every customer to build a reliable community of customers. However, clean your mailing list regularly using email address verifier to get in touch with loyal Instagram followers.


Craft an irresistible opt-in

You need to offer something about which your target audience doesn’t have to think twice. It should be valuable and should meet with the expectation of your customers. For example, if you’re looking to sell your recipe book to the customers, offer a recipe of a dish free of cost. Once the customer like your style, they’re more likely to purchase the book. Your opt-in form can offer anything ranging from a free sample course, a coupon or a challenge. However, you need to scrub the marketing list using email verifier to win the trust of the potential readers.

Create a unique landing page for followers

After deciding the freebie, you need a landing page wherein the customers can take the desired action. Since you’re asking the readers to leave Instagram and allow your brand permission in their inbox, the landing page should be attractive and unique. And, if you offer the followers some perks, but direct them to your website, you are more likely to lose the potential customers. Furthermore, you can easily lose your customers in the absence of a landing page. Focus on creating an attractive landing page for your Instagram followers.

Insert a call-to-action in your bio

CTA will play a significant role in deciding the number of customers who sign-up for the email marketing. Therefore, you need to have a strong CTA inserted in your Instagram bio. As it clearly tells the readers why they should link to your business.

Nevertheless, validate email to reduce the spam complaint rates.