How to Ensure Emails are Delivered?

Customer’s perception about your brand has a huge impact on the relationship and at the end of the day the reputation is what matters to a brand. Creating a positive brand image and reputation is essential, especially in email marketing. And, a brand’s reputation to a great extent depends upon the sender’s reputation. If your reputation stinks, emails are never going to get delivered to the inbox of the customers. Emails are delivered successfully when the mailing list is cleaned and maintained. Email address verification and verify email will help you reach the intended target audience easily. It will make sure whether the emails are delivered to the inbox or get filtered to spam folder. Not only deliverability will improve, it will ensure that sender’s reputation is maintained throughout.

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What is sender reputation?

Sender’s reputation determines the trustworthiness and tells the customer whether you are a spammer or not. The sender score is determined by the ISP and it depends upon a number of factors such as the number of emails sent, the bounce rate, spam rate, and the complaint rate. The score determines the future of the emails, which are sent to the customers. And, based on the sender’s reputation the ISP routes the emails either to the inbox or the spam folder. Therefore, maintaining a healthy sender’s reputation is important and it will determine the fate of the email. And, email validation will help you achieve success in reaching the customers.

Maintaining Email Reputation

Sending a welcome mail to all the customers has proven to be successful and making a good first impression in the eyes of the customers will certainly help you create an impact and maintain a healthy sender’s reputation. Remind the customers why the customers initially signed for the mailing list and what they can expect from the newsletters. An automated process for this will help you connect with the customers. Additionally, the content will help you gain reputation as content directly connects to the customers.

A healthy reputation is essential to build a long term relationship with the customers.