How to Enhance the Chances of your Email to Reach the Inbox?

 A plethora of marketers does not understand the basic difference between email deliverability and actually reaching the inbox of the customer. When your email service provider is able to make a successful deliver it is called as email deliverability, but it necessarily does not mean that the email was accepted or it reached the inbox of the intended target audience. All your emails might be 100% deliverable, but that does not mean it reaches the inbox of the customers. Tools like email address verification and verify email  are going to come to your rescue. These tools will ensure that the emails land up in the inbox the customers.

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Why the email never reaches?

Even today, businesses aggressively use third party list because of the ease of acquiring the lists. Acquiring the list through campaigns and promotional events is difficult and time consuming when come compared to purchasing an email list. A purchased list is full of spam bots, traps, inactive and dormant email addresses. The inbox placement is low and the SPAM complaints are extremely high. The sender’s reputation is degraded because triggering emails to such a list will lead to hard bounces and spam complaints. In the email world, it is extremely important to maintain a healthy sender’s reputation because the existence of the business is at risk. Additionally, by using a purchase list, you are trying to invade the inbox of the customer forcefully, which will ultimately lead to rejection. You will be violating the privacy of the customers, which will further deteriorate the brand image of the company.

How will the email reach the customers?

Always use double opt-in as it will ensure that customers really want to receive information from your end. Therefore, whenever a subscriber signs up for the campaign, send an email confirming their subscription. This way you will be able to build a list comprising of genuine customers. Additionally, email validation will further help you achieve the desired goals of the email marketing. Scrub the list regularly and notice the difference.