How to Deal with Spamtraps in Email Marketing?

After having achieved a successful email marketing campaign, the last thing you will need is a message from the ISP indicating that your email address has been banned permanently from sending emails to the customers. If this happens to you, consider yourself captured in the hands of spamtraps. Spamtraps usually happen as a result of inactive and dormant email addresses which have somehow found a way in the emailing list. If you do not clean this list using email verifier or email address validation, you are seriously going to fall into trouble.


Some steps to remove and effectively deal with spamtraps are as follows:

1. Follow a proper acquisition process

List acquisition is a process which if not done correctly will put your email address in a vicious circle, coming out of which will be a daunting task. Therefore, before purchasing a list, verify the agency details and unless the agency has a reputation in the market, prefer not to buy any list because the authenticity of the marketing list will be at stake. As far as possible use email verification.

2. Segmenting the list will help

Removing spamtraps by segmenting the list is an option which is effective and less time consuming. You can segregate the customers based on who have opted in or clicked a link recently. You can again make a second segregation of customers who have been active for the past 6 months. Third segregation can be made on the purchasing habits of the customers. The last segmentation would be of people who are inactive or dormant. You can easily remove these email addresses as such addresses will later on result in spamtraps, which would be dangerous for the campaign.

3. Testing for spamtraps

Send emails to a quarter of the list and note down the results. If you have a high bounce rate, then concentrate on the portion of the list in which there exists a high bounce rate. This way you can test the existence of such unwanted traps and secure the email marketing campaign permanently.

Beware of traps, they can be spamtraps!!