How to Clean your Email List?

Businesses that overlook stale email addresses are putting the business at huge risk, which in future can be extremely fatal. Moreover, an authentic and clean list increases the brand image in front of the ISP and maintaining a healthy relationship with the ISP is necessary. A low reputation score given by an ISP will adversely affect your delivery rates, thereby hampering your email marketing campaign. If you are a budding organization and have fewer customers in your database, then cleaning the list yourself is a cost effective way. Moreover, cleaning the list on your own is advisable only if you are a small company otherwise it is wise to hire a professional service.


Using the following ways you can easily clean the email list.

1. Remove the outdated or stale email addresses manually

One of the leading ways to remove stale addresses is by manually checking for the errors in the email addresses. A plethora of emails bounce because of the address mentioned is wrong or a typo exists. Additionally, ids starting with spam, support or info also needs to be deleted as your mails to such ids will never open and will always be left unread, which will hamper your open rate and bring your campaign under the radar of the ISP.

2. Distinguish your qualified leads from the unqualified leads

A plethora of people would have subscribed to your newsletter because of an offer that you might have offered in the past. And, a number of such customers would no longer be interested in your newsletter. Therefore, it is extremely essential to confront such customers and inform them how they became a part of the newsletter. Also, try asking the customers if they are still interested in your newsletter or not. A simple way of segregating the qualified leads from the unqualified leads is by sending a link and asking the customers to open it, if they wish to continue. It will help your business interact with genuinely interested customers and you will not waste time beating around the bush.

3. Encourage Unsubscribes

Unsubscribes are any day better than customer marking the email address as spam. Therefore, ensure to include a unsubscribe link in every communication sent to the customers.