How to Build a Hygienic List Using Real Time Email Verification

While email marketing is being used for more than three decades,  it still outperforms every other medium, and no marketing platform is even close to providing a similar ROI. With the fast adoption of email marketing, it becomes difficult to ignore is as viable and efficient marketing platform. In our daily life’s we all eliminate unnecessary junk to make space for the new things. Same is the case with an email list. List verification on a regular basis will give you the same feeling of accomplishment that you get after chucking the junk from your home. With real time email verification, your marketing campaign will become easier to handle and assemble. Your hard bounces and spam complaints will witness a downward trend – an achievement in itself.

How to Build a Hygienic List Using Real Time Email Verification

Here are a few ways of winning the heart of your audience with campaigns that can leave a lasting impact on the customers.

1) It’s impossible to market to invalid addresses

Why have a customer on the email list when you know that they will do more harm than good. Email forms a connection between the customer and the marketer. But, if you keep sending to an inactive customer, a short-circuit is likely to occur. An invalid email address will wipe away all the hard work and will cause a dent in your reputation. It will increase the spam complaint rates, which will further deteriorate the sender’s reputation. However, the invalid addresses may not necessarily be because of malicious activities. It might be due to silly mistakes committed by the customer. But, you will reap the negative consequences. Therefore, focus on regular list pruning using real time email verification to remove invalid email addresses.

2) Beware of spam traps

An email address which is lying inactive for a prolonged time becomes a spam trap. It has been scooped by the anti-spam organization to keep a track on marketers who blindly trigger emails. To know the difference, use services of a list verification company who can decipher between a real email address and a spam trap. If an email address is lying inactive for a long time, it’s best to delete it from the email list to avoid hitting a spam trap. Spam traps cause irreparable damage because you’re a spammer for the ESP.

3) Validate email list

Whether you’re building an email list from scratch or nurturing an existing list, keeping the list clean is a prime requisite. Focus on using a real time email verification tool to remove inactive and dormant email addresses. These tools will help you save time, money, resources and customers who you can lose due to a small mistake in the list acquisition method. Furthermore, it makes sense to send messages to a hygienic list. Bid goodbye to fake email addresses and welcome a hygienic list. Marketers who give importance to their list always witness a higher open and engagement rate because they mail people who want to hear from their brand. Strike while the iron is hot to ensure customer engagement and high revenue.