How to Build a Clean Mailing List – Part II

A vast majority of your readers come to your website using some or the other combination of offline and online marketing. Converting visitors to subscribers by providing useful information in exchange for your contact is the leading way to grow your email list. Growing an authentic email list is the key to a successful marketing campaign. Unfortunately, many marketers try to use shortcut methods and purchase an email list. This method typically creates headache than it cures your problems. Here are a few list hygiene tips to follow. If you use these tips along with email address validation, you can reap better results.

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Honor the unsubscribe request

According to the U.S CAN SPAM law, marketers need to remove the person within 10 days of receiving the un-subscribe request. Not adhering to these requests can be dangerous. You need to remember that you should not stop the customer from leaving the marketing campaign because making them stay forcefully will never benefit the customers. When you don’t honor such requests, it will result in hard bounce, which directly affects the deliverability. Additionally, remember to place the unsubscribe link in every email message so that the customer does not filter your messages as spam. Focus on using email verifier to attract the potential customers.

Send relevant and useful messages

Without sending relevant messages to the readers, you can never reach the inbox of the readers. Today, customers want relevant and useful content. And, marketers who fail to provide such content, fail to engage the readers. Your content should be in-line with the subject otherwise, the reader will remain confused and will never bother to open your messages. Additionally, when you’re incapable of sending messages as promised during the signup process, your readers tend to filter the messages as spam. And, once your spam rate increases, reaching the inbox of the potential customers is extremely difficult.

Use email validation on a regular basis to build a strong marketing list.