How to Build a Clean Mailing List – Part I

Many internet service providers take into consideration many factors before deciding whether to send messages to the inbox or not. And, one of the primary reasons is customer engagement. When your readers like your content and open your email messages, the ISPs are more likely to send the messages to the inbox. If you’re not sending messages to real email addresses, you’re losing out on potential readers and ruin your marketing campaign. A cleaned email list is helpful as it keeps the readers engaged. Invalid email addresses adversely affect your campaign. Therefore, clean the list using email verifier to promote your brand. Here is everything you know about building an email list.

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Reasons for invalid email addresses

Without understanding the sources and reasons of an invalid email addresses, maintaining a high quality list is essential. Emails are invalid because of the following reasons:

Bad format – All email addresses have simple formats of [email protected]. And, if any of these elements are misplaced or wrong, it will lead to hard bounces, which adversely affects your sender’s reputation. Accounts that have either of these fields duplicated will never reach the target customer. Look out for bad formats and use email address validation regularly.

Bad domain name – If the format of the email is correct, but it doesn’t have an email server associated with it, the address is completely invalid and messages can never be sent. For example, correct domain name emails are: [email protected], [email protected] or [email protected], and bad domain name emails are: [email protected], [email protected].

Bad account – This happens when an account name doesn’t exist in on the email server. For example, the email of your customer is [email protected], but you have typed [email protected].

You can easily verify these addresses using a list verification process and build an authentic customer base.

Effect of invalid email addresses

If a marketing list is clean, and your sender’s reputation, content and customer engagement are strong, your messages will reach the inbox of the readers. But, if the quality of your list degrades, your messages are likely to get filtered as spam by the ISPs. It will then affect all your marketing statistics. Focus on using email validation to reach the target audience.