How to Boost Your Email Subscription?

Both digital marketers and small business owners keep coming back to one marketing platform – email. Despite the widespread use of social media and video marketing, email marketing still remains the most preferred and economical mode of communication with the target readers. Customer acquisition through this platform is more than 30 times that of Facebook and Twitter. However, you need to work enough to acquire genuine email subscribers to make the marketing campaign successful. Merely acquiring readers will not be useful, you need to clean the mailing list using email address verification regularly to remove unwanted email addresses from the mailing list. Here are a few ways to effectively increase the email subscription.

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Provide value to the readers

The most likely question a reader asks the marketers is ‘how will we benefit from your services?’ It is a valid question because no one will give anything for free, especially their email addresses. Providing value to the readers is the only way to engage the readers for a long time. Offer a discount of 5-10% to a prospect on their next purchase whenever they sign up for receiving the newsletter. You can offer educational materials like eBooks, whitepapers and newsletters to educate the readers and provide meaningful content. Additionally, you can even organize webinars to boost sales and boost email subscription.

Email opt-in box

Insert an email opt-in box on your website for the readers to leave their email address. The method is extremely simple, but you need to apply tricks and whoa the customers to ensure they leave their email address. Remember, it is not simple to get someone to give their email address. Place the opt-in box, which is easily accessible and visible because a visitor will never take the pain of searching the opt-in box on your website. Additionally, allow the users to choose the type of content and the frequency of messages they want to receive from your end.

Remember to use email verifier and notice the difference in the results. Email validation will help in maintaining the database and ensure messages are not filtered spam by the readers.