How to Boost Your Email Subscriber List?

Email marketing reaps 40 times better results both in terms of customer acquisition and ROI than Facebook and Twitter. More than 50 percent of B2B marketers believe that the benefits of email marketing surpasses any other platform and is an effective channel for generating revenue. With these statistics in mind, building a quality list will work as a lifeline for your business. Attracting loyal and genuine customers is essential for long-term benefits. Focus on using email verify to remove inactive subscribers. Here are a few ways of boosting your email subscriber list.

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Deliver engaging content

Your blog is definitely the leading way to capture the interest of the readers and turn the leads into prospects. Not only your brand is perceived as reliable, but blogging enhances the exposure to your brand. Furthermore, brands that blog regularly have a higher ranking in the search engine than those who blog less frequently. To further engage the readers, offer discounts, free items and special offers. Unless your content is engaging, customers are less likely to join your newsletter. Furthermore, focus on using email address verification to reach the target audience.

Urge readers to share your content

Word of mouth publicity still works and it will help you build a strong brand image. Customers prefer reading articles liked or shared by someone who has already read it. It increases your chances of reading customers who genuinely want to receive information from your end. Urge your existing readers to share your content with their friends and family members. The content can be shared on Facebook, email or any other marketing platform. You need to share informative and relevant content to get the clock ticking in your favor.

Offer rich webinars

Webinars on important topics related to field that your customers have signed up will ensure participation. The more valuable your webinar, the more receptive will be your audience to your email list. Everyone is looking for information that will increase their knowledge.

Therefore, focus on using email verifier on a regular basis to touch base with customers who are genuinely interested in your marketing campaign.