How to Avoid the Spam Folders?

A perfect messages dies a horrible death when it reaches the spam folder of the inbox. When a marketer fails to follow the correct email best practices, the message leads to the land of no-return. Whenever an email message enters the spam folder of the inbox, the marketing campaign gets affected drastically and the revenue will never increase. However, this is not the end, tools like verify email will help you reach the inbox of the customer easily. Here are a few ways to avoid the spam folder and ensure you marketing statistics and the revenue increase every passing day.


Know your audience

Knowing the requirement of your audience well in advance will put your email marketing campaign on the top. Improving the data quality will help you personalize the message and send meaningful content to the target audience. When messages are sent to the customers according to the preference of the readers, the messages will never be filtered as spam by the readers. Send out surveys and try to collect as much information as possible to build a relevant and meaningful marketing campaign to the customers.

Tell the customers the truth

Molding the truth or sending the message to the customers in an ambiguous way will never build trust and your customers will remain indifferent towards the marketing campaign. Interesting and engaging subject lines will hook the customers and ensure readers are engaged. When the subject line is not the same as the body of the subject, the message reaches the spam folder of the inbox. Remember lie to the prospective customers because it will degrade the whole marketing campaign and you will lose out on potential customers.

Clean the mailing list

Regularly cleaning the mailing list using email address verification as it will remove the inactive and dormant customers. When a majority of the readers do not open the email messages and results in hard bounce, the messages are likely to reach the spam folder the next time. Clean the list and ensure your messages do not die an unwanted death.

Use email validation and avoid the spam folders.