How to Avoid Landing in the Spam Folder?

It is very simple to get caught in the spam folder, in an urgency to acquire customers. Strategically sending the information to the readers will encourage brand awareness and ensure that the messages do not land in the spam folder. Hitting the spam folder is like entering a graveyard from which a person (in our case email) can never come back. Maintaining a healthy sender’s reputation and cleaning the mailing list regularly using email verifier are a few ways to avoid the spam folder of the inbox. Here are two simple ways to avoid the nightmare and sleep at rest.


Segment the marketing list

You need to understand that not all the customers are the same. The requirements and need of every customer is different. Sending the same message to every customer is inviting trouble. The messages should be sent based upon the buying cycle, demographics, age, gender and the purchase behavior. You need to segment the marketing list based upon the data collected from the customers. Develop a matrix and send content based upon the interest of a particular segment. You also need to take care of the fact that not all the customers would have subscribed to the marketing list at the same time. Send messages based upon the buying cycle of the prospect. Sending the same email to a prospect who has recently subscribed and to a prospect who has already made a purchase will only trigger spam complaints. Refine the marketing list into small segments to cater to their requirements effectively.

Clean the mailing list

The success of any email marketing campaign is heavily dependent upon the quality of the mailing list. If the mailing list consists of quality email addresses, the chances of the landing in the spam folder is minimal. You need to regularly clean the mailing list using email address verification to remove the email addresses resulting in a high bounce rate. Likewise, focus on acquiring customers through a legitimate way and prefer sending messages to customers who have agreed for the double opt-in process.

Email validation will help reduce the spam complaints to a great extent.