How to Avoid Email Spam Filters?

Approximately how much time do you take to craft your email marketing and promote your new services and product? You definitely will be spending a lot of time in checking and double-checking the content to ensure that the messages are delivered to the inbox of the intended audience without being filtered as spam. You will be shocked to know that more than 17% of the emails reach the junk folder and never make it to the inbox of the customer. You need to look into a plethora of factors to ensure that the email reaches the inbox of the customers. Email validation will surely help you avoid the spam filters and you can connect to the intended target audience.


Spam Traps

You need to have a proper process to validate the email addresses to ensure that the mailing list does not contain any invalid or dormant email addresses. You can use email verifier to effectively reduce the spam traps. A hit on the spam traps or honey pots will lead to permanent blocking by the ISP as these are bad email addresses selected by the ISPs to detect spammers. The deliverability rate is affected drastically because of spam traps.

Feedback Loop

Establishing a feedback loop with the ISPs will help you keep a track of all the complaints filed against your mailing address. Customers who complaint frequently should be removed from the mailing list immediately, otherwise it will lead to further complaints, which can lead to blocking and your message will be filtered as spam by the customers. Therefore, take advantage of the feedback loop and remove trouble creating customers. Additionally, ISPs prefer email marketers with a positive sender score’s. You will be losing your brand value, if you do not follow the feedback loop diligently.


Email filters, check each and every aspect of your content and if the content is not at par, your messages will never reach the inbox of the intended customers. Use proper language and reputable links to avoid spam filters.

Use email address verification to reach the intended target audience.