How to Attract Subscribers to Your Email List?

Your business email list is your greatest asset and you should know how to build your email list from scratch. Building your email list can be extremely confusing and challenging, if you don’t follow the best practices to acquire customers. Creating an authentic list takes time and if you stay disciplined the numbers will automatically grow. However, remember to clean the marketing list using email address verification to remove the unwanted and bad email addresses. Here are a few ways to attract subscribers to your newsletters and grow your marketing list.


Free content

Value exchange is the leading tool for list building and an effective technique to attract subscribers. Sharing free and valuable content in exchange for a subscriber’s name and email address is the perfect way to build long term relationships. Companies pump out valuable content and share it with the customers and in return ask for your contact information. Asking email address for free content in not wrong because marketers can later on use your contact information to send more useful and valuable content. Therefore, attract your potential customers by sharing relevant and meaningful content. You need to clean your mailing list using email verifier to remove the inactive and unwanted readers.

Live events

When you speak at different live events, ask for the business cards and encourage signup to your newsletter. A successful entrepreneur once asked his audience to text him their contact information so that he can stay in touch with them even after the event is over. You can add these customers to your mailing list. Again, this process will take time, but the result is brilliant because people who like your business and live event are likely to share their contact information.


When you offer webinars, provide free registration forms to the target audience and remember to ask their email address in the form to send link to the webinar. Webinars are a great way to attract the potential readers and will help you build a successful email marketing list.

Focus on using email validation to grow your list at an accelerating rate.