How Email Validation will Help Improve Low Click Through Rates?

Click through rate or the CTR gives an indication of the number of people who responded or clicked on the links included in the email. It basically gives you a clear idea about the actual number of customers who have engaged with the email marketing campaign. CTR has a direct impact on the deliverability and this is where the email validation will come in handy. The emails of a sender with a lower CTR are less likely to reach the inbox the customers.



Here are a few tips to increase the CTR using verify email.

1. Call to Action

Call to action is one the most essential element of the email and it is the leading way through which customers are engaged. The CTA should be positioned in a way, it is clearly visible to the recipients. You can even use a different font or color to distinguish between the normal email, text and the call to action. The call to action will increase the CTR thereby increasing the deliverability, which is an important aspect of email marketing. The CTA should match with the goals of the business and should be in line with the body of the email being triggered.

2. Regular Testing and Optimization

Email address testing is a great way to ensure that the marketing reaches the intended customer. If you keep on sending emails to customers who are least interested in the campaign, the deliverability will reduce drastically and the CTR is bound to be low because you are catering to an audience who is not the target audience. The result will be low deliverability rates and extremely low CTR. These statistics are important to show and understand the effectiveness of the email marketing campaign. Email validation is the key to success when it comes to enhancing the click through rates.

3. Segmentation

Segmenting the email list and sending out personalized messages to the customers is another interesting way to attract customers and ensure the CTR rises. Segmentation helps you connect with the targeted audience and ensure high engagement.